Prof. Tomáš Polívka

University of South Bohemia

Faculty of Science

Institute of Physics

Branišovská 1760

370 05 České Budějovice

Czech Republic

tel.: +420 38903 6259


Europe Czech Republic How to reach us

Most people coming to České Budějovice will arrive first to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. The easiest way to reach České Budějovice from Prague is to take train or bus. The train from Prague to České Budějovice goes every one hour (sometimes even more often) from the railway station Hlavní nádraží , the journey lasts ca 2 to 3 hours and costs around 150 CZK. The railway station in České Budějovice is located near the city center. The tickets can be purchased online here (but it is not necessary).

You can also take the bus (it is better to buy tickets in advance via e-shops: Regiojet or Flixbus). You have to go from the bus station Na Knížecí, or Florenc. The journey costs ca from 80 to 230 CZK and lasts between 2 and 3 hours. The bus station in České Budějovice is located on the roof of the mall near the city center, opposite the train station.

After arriving to České Budějovice by bus or train, you will stand near the "Mercury mall" (, google.maps). The easiest way how to get to Faculty of Science is to take a trolley-bus (or sometimes just bus) number 3. Before boarding a bus, you have to buy a ticket in one of ticket machines close by the bus stops. The ticket is 16 CZK and you have to mark it in the bus. After marking the ticket, this stays valid for next 60 minutes, which is long enough to reach the Faculty of Science (the journey takes ca 15 minutes). The bus stop closest to the faculty is called Jihočeská univerzita.

All the bus, train, and public transport connections can be checked on Idos.

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